And it was indeed a good one!

Yesterday it was a good day. After I got home, back from work, back from dinner, I started reviewing everything I did that day. This is a common thing I do, checking my accomplishments, checking if I reached some of the goals I have defined for myself and things like that.

I was not the only one pissed off in the morning — what made me feel good when I found this out in the evening — and even though I did lots of things (some of them were not supposed to be done by me but by upper management, but it is OK, new things to learn, new processes and things like that) and then, when I got to my second client by 6:30 PM, I saw that he was really mad at something and just wanted to close everything and go home.

It is a holiday here today, but since it is not a holiday where my off shore client is, I’m about to leave home and go working. The city must be calm… But this doesn’t mean that I will have a parking spot near where I work. Unfortunately. I believe that if I was leaving — and getting there almost 1h before the hour I start working — I would find one, but then, why be there for so long?

It is time for a shower, breakfast and then leaving home.


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