KDE4’s new look

It’s been a while since I last tried using KDE4 as my official desktop environment, always going back to KDE3.

There are some minor annoyances — for example the new Kmixer doesn’t recognize it when I use my notebook’s volume controle to get the volume up or down; KDE3’s does that perfectly — but it looks like they can be worked around.  The absence of knetworkmanager also scared me at first but I can use KDE3’s interface for this one — I connect to several wireless networks, at least 3 every day.

One thing, though, that I thought I wouldn’t like was the fact that there are no more desktop icons on KDE4. I thought it would be crazy and off, but actually using it makes it really interesting and makes the desktop more clean.  I always had this problem of cluttering my desktop with my common tasks and most used shortcuts, besides some material that I am currently reading / using.  Now, all is inside a nice plasmoid, and my usage of folders for each topic fits nicely with this new paradigm.

Lets see if I can keep using this KDE4 or if I’ll go back to KDE3…


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