Things that annoy me on KDE4

As I said before, I am trying to use KDE4 as my main environment. And it is doing pretty well.

There are, though, some annoying things that I hope will be solved soon.

For example, the mixer from KDE4 doesn’t understand the volume button change as the one from KDE3 does. I am still using the mixer from KDE3 because of that (it is not just visual, KDE4 ignores the volume change, KDE3 respects and adjusts the volume).

There is no KNetworkManager for KDE4. And as I connect to some wireless networks, I miss it a lot. So, I’m using the one from KDE3.

The newer Kopete also has some problems with events. When I get a new message and the focus is on another window, a “message” box opens with “View / Ignore” options and it stays there on the screen for a while (I don’t even know if they disappear automatically or not, I didn’t wait that long). Then, for every new message from the same person, a new box is open, cluttering the screen very fast. For Kopete from KDE3, just the first message created the box and it disappeared faster as well.

There is another problem with this new Kopete: it doesn’t work with my webcam. Kopete from KDE3 does. And the history isn’t working, so it isn’t saved as well.

There is also a problem with Kontact, that misses Knode — even though it exists, it isn’t integrated… — but is getting very nice.

I also believe that recent changes did mess with event handling… Some of my global shortcuts stopped working and some that failed before are working now.

I hope that KDE4 continues evolving, because it is visually much better than its predecessors. Just the apps aren’t moving with the same speed as the interface and its resources are.

UPDATE: Another thing that is annoying me: something on the docking protocol has changed and applications from KDE3 aren’t docking correctly as applications from KDE4 does…  Take KWalletManager and KMix as examples and you’ll see their icons floating as if they were windows that got lost in the screen.  Minimizing them helps a little, though.


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