Got back to KDE3

Yesterday, after another update on KDE4, I couldn’t access KNetworkManager anymore and hence couldn’t switch to all wireless networks I needed (by default my system connects to my home network and to the last network used, when I went from one place — home — to the other — work –, both conditions were false and it didn’t connect automatically anymore). I also need that because some networks are very unstable and keep going down, so I need to manually reconnect.

The same happened with kmixer, but it still worked when I used the volume buttons so other than having an extra entry on my task bar, it didn’t bother me at all.

If KNetworkManager worked, even if it stayed out of the panel, I would keep using KDE4.

Now I’m updating 77 packages, most of them from KDE4, so I hope that I can go back to it. Its visual is much cleaner and more attractive than KDE3…


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