First impressions about OpenSuSE 11.0

It is really great!  Very responsive, fast, beautiful.

Compiz-fusion effects are really nice to have.  And the desktop feels more integrated.

I already added some extra repositories from OpenSuSE’s website and updated Firefox (again!), along with some other components from KDE4.

Everything has been recognized correctly — my Intel wireless card, with IEE 802.11N support; audio card, etc. — right from the beginning.

X is running accelerated with composite and all the bells and whistles right from the installation.

Package selection has become more attractive and so far I am comfortable using zypper and YaST to install new things.  Before they were too slow to be considered an option.  It is nice to be able to use the official tool for maintaining the system.

Now it is time to restore my applications and work environment… 😉


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