Current status with OpenSuSE 11.0 – What is a problem “now”

So, after updating from OpenSuSE 10.3 to OpenSuSE 11.0, it took me some time to have all my working environment fixed.

I’m still keeping up to using only zypper and YaST to install packages, I haven’t added smart back, even though there is a big temptation 🙂

It took a while to get the plugin that shows updates available to work.  Even though I had Internet connection, it failed to connect to repositories.  In fact, now it was the first time that I had used it since Friday, and just because I was about to write this post and wanted to check it first.

Problems with KDE4 still continue.  For example, the mixer — kmix — doesn’t work when I use the volume wheel on my notebook, so I have to click the icon and use the mouse to set the volume I want…  Not very practical.

Mplayer…  It doesn’t work: even though the 32 bit version used to work, this one doesn’t and stated that there are insufficient resources for the operation, so I just have audio and no video.  Kaffeine…  No video, just audio as well.  And I have w32codecs-all installed.  And I have gone through the lists of software that could be related to that.  Still no success.  Flash videos, such as youtube, work like a charm.  So far, I can’t watch videos here.

For my daily activities, I can’t use SVK — a distributed version control system based on subversion — because it requires a package that is not available from any of the repositories and I couldn’t find it on OpenSuSE’s software search.  This will be impactant to me, but lets see if I’ll manage to go back to using Subversion alone, until I can solve this problem (I am not on the net all the time while I’m working…)


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