Firefox 3 on Linux – Why the ugly GTK look?

Why do people always think about Gnome / GTK when they do something for Linux?

C’mon…  I was talking to a friend and we both agreed that Mozilla gave Firefox 3 an impressive look on Windows and Mac OS, but made it as ugly as it could be on Linux.

Now, we have to search for some theme that make it as pleasant on the other OSs.

I believe that making Firefox an application by itself and giving it its own visual and make it the same on all OSs it supports would be much better.  A universal look makes users more comfortable, no matter what OS they are using…


3 responses to “Firefox 3 on Linux – Why the ugly GTK look?

  1. Firefox is my main browser and I totally agree it is very ugly on Linux.
    Modifying UserChrome.css helps to a point.
    I think Mozilla doesn’t care too much about the Linux user base.

  2. I first wondered about this too. But when i switched to QtCurve which provides a fancy theme for all apps I was pleased to see that firefox integrates nicely. (And doesn’t look ugly any more)

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