Bigger broadband

So, after having some problems with the telephone company and having to call for our regulatory agency to have those solved, I am with more bandwidth: 3 Mbps for downstream and 800 kbps for upstream.

Before I had 1 Mbps/400 kbps.

It is incredible how the size of things gets less important everytime.  Before downloading 20 MB took circa 3 minutes, now it takes a bit less than 1 minute.  I’m really enjoying it!

There is a bad part, though: I start loosing referential to what is too heavy and what isn’t with regards to web technology.  So, I always have to check on slower links and see if things are OK…

But it is nice 🙂

I even joked with some clients: “3 times faster means that I can see 3 times more pr0n!” 🙂  I’m glad that they know that I also work with this thing here 🙂


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