Mobility — Internet from your mobile phone

It is interesting how technology has evolved in the last years.

I’m posting this entry from a broadband connection using my mobile as a modem in a 3.5G connection.  I have hired the 1Mbps option, but I could go for the 7.2 Mbps if I wanted to.

I had 1 Mbps at my DSL connection at home since about 40 days ago when I updated it to 3 Mbps…

And I have tested it.  I could get up to 1190 Kbps with my mobile from where I am now (believe it or not it is a Sunday afternoon and I’m stuck at the office).

The problem is that using 3G on a mobile sucks a lot of battery.  This is not a problem if you can plug it in while working, but if you really want mobility then you have to plan your phone usage to not run out of battery while needing it the most.

By the way, Nokia’s 6120C work perfectly as a modem for OpenSuSE 11.0.  Just install KInternet and use a USB cable (unless you have Bluetooth on your notebook / desktop).

When plugging the mobile I’ve configured it to ask what mode I want it to work in (there’s one where I can upload things to the phone, another that is used to connect to the PC and a third one that I don’t remember ;-)).  The mode I choose to use it as a modem is “PC Suite”.  It is then recognized as ttyACM0 and this is the device that I used to setup a PPP connection to the phone company I use here (TIM).


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