New mobile + new gadget ;-)

After many years, I’ve come back to Nokia.

And I am in love with my new Nokia 6120C phone.  I used to have a Motorola PEBL U6, but then after 2 years it started missing calls (I still am not sure if it is the device or the phone company’s fault, since I switched both at the same time) and apparently missing the connection to the phone company because even I couldn’t dial without getting an error at the first attempt.

Along with the mobile, I also bought a bluetooth earpiece.  It is great!  Since the 6120C spells out the name of the caller if it is available on my phonebook, I don’t even need to look at it to decide if I’ll pick the call immediately or not.  I can also make calls using the earpiece by saying the name of the person I want to call.

This is great for not distracting myself while driving (no matter what, people that own mobile phones get distracted when they ring if they can’t pick up the call.  It is better to use one of those earpieces — bluetooth or wired — than drive guessing who was calling you).

This must have been the best buy I did this year.

Specially with this data plan. 😉


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