(Anti)Olympical spirit: CNN distorts medal significance

It is a shame that CNN is doing that.

For olympic games (and other sportive events) we always consider who gets the more golds to be the first country and then we go on with more silver and more bronze when there’s a draw.

Unfortunately, CNN is trying to invent a new way to count medals (I believe that having China as first was considered bad by their editorial board…) just to have the US as the “champion” of olympic games (congratulations for being champions of 19 events, but having China winning 33 of them it becomes clear that China is winning the games).

It was funny when it was commented on our TV News here about it and seconds after our own medal tracker was shown, reversing US and China (i.e., reading the medals and associating positions as it has always been done).

Brazil still has a lot to invest to have good athletes to compete on olympic games.  Unfortunately sports here is thought as football (soccer, if you want, but since we play it with our feet saying football makes a lot more sense…) only.


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