Creating namespaces for your code

As part of the migration I mentioned earlier, I adopted one of the many recipes available on the Internet to start creating a namespace for my common code as well as exclusive namespaces for each project I’m delivering.

The idea is to minimize how much code is available globally as well as to prevent name collisions.  It also allows me to isolate my code from some JavaScript frameworks (as I said, I’m still migrating code, so I have both MochiKit and jQuery loaded) or all of them.

if (typeof MainNamespace == "undefined") {
    var MainNamespace = {};

MainNamespace.namespace = function () {
    var a=arguments, o=null, i, j, d;
    for (i=0; i<a.length; i=i+1) {
        for (j=0; j<d.length; j=j+1) {
            o[d[j]]=o[d[j]] || {};
    return o;

The above code is available on a file by itself and its only purpose is to initialize the main namespace for my own code.  Since it allows me to create any namespace, I don’t need to replicate that on individual projects.

To use the above, my code looks like this:

(function($) {
  NewNamespace.common = {
    __name__: "NewNamespace.common",
    __version__: "1.0",

    myFunctionOne: function() {
        // code

    myFunctionTwo: function() {
        // code

This is also an implementation of the Module Pattern, from Douglas Crockford (or is it more from Dustin Diaz?) as explained by Eric Miraglia, from YUI.  I believe this comes from Crockford, due to his prior work on this area, but the discussion on Diaz’ blog is really full of useful information.

After showing this, some recommendations:

  1. Use UPPERCASE for your MainNamespace (making it MAINNAMESPACE) as this is more visible and make it clear that you are using a module
  2. Use a name that is under your control: your company name, for example.  This will prevent namespace clashes with other code
  3. Make your code generic enough so that you can reuse it as many times as needed

I hope this helps with a better coding practice as well as to spread the word on namespaces 🙂


One response to “Creating namespaces for your code

  1. Presumably where you write “This is also an implementation of the Module Pattern, from Douglas Crockford (or is it more from Dustin Diaz?)” you are suggesting that the fact that Dustin Diaz’s article pre-dates the YUI blog article by a little over a year may make him the better recipient of “from”? Then you suggest that because Douglas Crockford had previously done related work (private instance members in javascript) that he may actually be the better recipient.

    The module pattern has been in regular (if perhaps not common) use since early 2003. It derives from an idea of mine, published on Usenet. Early example might be:-

    Douglas Crockford’s private instance members work was one of two necessarily influences for that idea but it was not actually his, nor did he participate with the small group of individuals who developed the idea into the forms that would be considered “the module pattern” today.

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