Upgrade to alarm system

It is done… The security company technicians have just left.

The funny thing is: it is hard to book a day with them. It always takes at least two business days to get them to do something, but when they got here, they missed a whole day doing things that if they were better organized would take from two to three hours.

First thing they arrived here 30 minutes late but didn’t bring a ladder. So two technicians were waiting for the third to bring the ladder. There they missed about 1 hour. Total time missed: 1h30.

Then they started working, but only one of the two worked, the other technician was waiting for the first one to ask for tools. (Why didn’t the second one work on the other areas? I do not know.)

Then, guess what? At 11:30 AM, they stopped working to have lunch. Two hours lunch time.

At 1:50 PM (noticed that? 20 minutes late, again) they arrived back and worked until 3:30 PM, when they got to tell me that they needed another technician to take a look at some configuration settings.

They left the ladder here, and that made me confident that they’d be back before the end of the day.

At 4:30 PM the other technician arrived, got to work on the alarm system configuration and was done in 30 minutes.

Then, he explained to me how to make some additional tests or enable individual areas without enabling the whole system (or canceling some areas from being monitored) and left.

They have worked for 1h30 in the morning, plus 2h30 in the afternoon. And that was their day…

The company would certainly need someone to inspect the work and make sure that the technician’s pace is adequate to the service that they’re doing.

Why do people take so long to do things? They could do it faster and take more time off or work on more locations without bothering the customers or getting them stuck at home for the whole day.


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