After some time, updates!

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately.

After my annual leave was over, I got back to work and had to deal with the huge backlog. It doesn’t matter if another person works on keeping your things up to date, you still have to go there and review items that need some follow up, take notes of processes that changed, etc.

I have also been working on developing some global strategies for my projects. This takes a huge effort and a lot of time.

At home, I have been playing with Emacs, Python, ExtJS and of course reading email and news.

I have found a very interesting article on Emacs keybinds. It is worth reading it. If not for the knowledge, at least for the templates.

I still have to “play” with Protovis. It looks like a great library for charts on the web.

I also had issues – again – with some magazine subscription that I wanted cancelled after they billed my credit card on an automatic renewal. I got reimbursed and they lost a customer that is now telling everybody how they didn’t stick to our agreement of not having the subscription automatically renewed.

I had my performance evaluation last week. Lots of things to think about, other things to keep tracking. Overall, a good thing.

Looking for new challenges as well…

As you can see, there are too many things going on.

And I still want to find some time to go back playing with electronics and microcontrollers, after all, I’m an engineer. 🙂


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