Some small home fixes today

Today I took some time – about two hours – to finish some things I had started – read: promessed to do to my wife.

I put some supports on the wall to hang flowers. With that, we’re putting our small garden on the wall. There will be some more spice to put there.

It was not hard to do, but not so simple either. The hardest part was making sure everything was leveled off. Since the ground can’t be used as a reference, I had to find flat and hard surfaces to put over the supports and then use the bubble level over it to align both supports.

When everything was OK, I started with the drill. After some work, we have three planters available, two of them with spices in it and a third bigger one available for some more spices we’ve been wanting to have at home.

I’ve also moved a flower hanger from one wall to another, where the flower will suffer less with the wind and the rain.

So, it was a busy morning. And I still have the whole afternoon for other improvements.

All this, of course, because there’s not much we can do while the people are still here installing the handrail. It is the third day of work to them and they are finishing up the painting where they connected the handrail parts together.


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