Barbecue and Birthday Party

Yesterday we had my wife’s birthday party. It was really funny!

At the beginning she wanted a party… Then last week she started saying that she didn’t want a party. And then I told her that I had already invited a lot of people. 🙂

In the end, she was eager for the party. Loved it. And the house was full for several hours.

We got really tired after the preparation, party and clean up of the house, but it was really worth it. We’d do it all over again. 🙂

Her birthday will be next week, but since another colleague of hours will have his birthday on the next weekend, we decided to push her party forward and do it yesterday.

I can barely wait for mine. 😉 (And I didn’t use to like those kind of things…)


Some small home fixes today

Today I took some time – about two hours – to finish some things I had started – read: promessed to do to my wife.

I put some supports on the wall to hang flowers. With that, we’re putting our small garden on the wall. There will be some more spice to put there.

It was not hard to do, but not so simple either. The hardest part was making sure everything was leveled off. Since the ground can’t be used as a reference, I had to find flat and hard surfaces to put over the supports and then use the bubble level over it to align both supports.

When everything was OK, I started with the drill. After some work, we have three planters available, two of them with spices in it and a third bigger one available for some more spices we’ve been wanting to have at home.

I’ve also moved a flower hanger from one wall to another, where the flower will suffer less with the wind and the rain.

So, it was a busy morning. And I still have the whole afternoon for other improvements.

All this, of course, because there’s not much we can do while the people are still here installing the handrail. It is the third day of work to them and they are finishing up the painting where they connected the handrail parts together.

Still having issues with contractors

Life’s not easy when you depend on someone to make things happen.

Today I called again for the contractors that should have come yesterday. And one of them told me “we will be there until Saturday, it is not that we will be going on Saturday, but that it will happen until then”.

Nice, isn’t it? As if we had nothing else to do but be at home, waiting for when they are up to provide some service that I will be paying for. If that was free, it would be another thing, but paid service?

The worst thing? Finding other contractors would take even longer. :-\

At least I got them to schedule some time with me and commit on being here by Thursday.

Back at home

After a great trip to my in-law’s home, I am finally back at home.

This morning the people that were replacing part of the window and putting the safety locks came by and fixed everything.

I am still waiting for two more contractors to come home and do other small services today. I think that one of them will only come tomorrow (sixth sense…).

As our maid is not coming anymore, and as I am on vacation, I still have a lot to clean up today.

Unluckily I can not open the windows or glass doors for the next 24 hours. The silicon used to glue the locks on them asks for a 24h dry up period.

In any case, it is much better seeing the windows without the wood bars… We put them there when they tried getting into the house and only now we got the people to install the locks.

This afternoon we’ll have a barbecue (true Brazilian barbecue) with the meat from the cow that my father in law picked up to buy. We bought meat to pack both drawers from the freezer and got some more to my brother, who already came by yesterday.

It is much cheaper buying meat like that, and the quality of it is unbeatable.

In any case, out of the computer and back to home cleaning… 😛

Upgrade to alarm system

It is done… The security company technicians have just left.

The funny thing is: it is hard to book a day with them. It always takes at least two business days to get them to do something, but when they got here, they missed a whole day doing things that if they were better organized would take from two to three hours.

First thing they arrived here 30 minutes late but didn’t bring a ladder. So two technicians were waiting for the third to bring the ladder. There they missed about 1 hour. Total time missed: 1h30.

Then they started working, but only one of the two worked, the other technician was waiting for the first one to ask for tools. (Why didn’t the second one work on the other areas? I do not know.)

Then, guess what? At 11:30 AM, they stopped working to have lunch. Two hours lunch time.

At 1:50 PM (noticed that? 20 minutes late, again) they arrived back and worked until 3:30 PM, when they got to tell me that they needed another technician to take a look at some configuration settings.

They left the ladder here, and that made me confident that they’d be back before the end of the day.

At 4:30 PM the other technician arrived, got to work on the alarm system configuration and was done in 30 minutes.

Then, he explained to me how to make some additional tests or enable individual areas without enabling the whole system (or canceling some areas from being monitored) and left.

They have worked for 1h30 in the morning, plus 2h30 in the afternoon. And that was their day…

The company would certainly need someone to inspect the work and make sure that the technician’s pace is adequate to the service that they’re doing.

Why do people take so long to do things? They could do it faster and take more time off or work on more locations without bothering the customers or getting them stuck at home for the whole day.

Human stupidity…

… always surprises me.

We got the bill for the condominium rate and along with it a note saying that someone had been robbed here.

And I thought “Now they’ll keep the door closed!  Finally!”.  If I only knew how wrong I was…

It is incredible how people never thing about safety.  We have three doors or the car entrance until the front door of our apartment.  The gate from the car entrance stays open for too long: 3 or 4 cars can get in / out from its opening ’til it starts closing.

And out of the three doors, two are always open.

Safety?  I’m sorry, but none…  If I didn’t have a double lock on the door plus some safety items, I’d be worried.