Taking care of home paperwork in a more efficient manner

It is always a mess to deal with water, power, etc. bills at home in an efficient manner.

Moving to a more organized approach, I am now scanning all of those and saving them digitally for better reference and retrieval.

The same with invoices, product warranty, etc.

Of course, the original paper documents are also saved on a folder in a closet, but I don’t need to search for them there anymore.

Documents can be scanned to image files as well as PDF files. PDFs are better for searching inside the docs, but categorizing them on folders and having a standard naming convention for files also solves the search issue…

As I am still testing this so I don’t know, yet, which method I’ll be choosing. Image files are much smaller and are the only option for handwritten docs (cheque slips, for example).


How do you organize your desktop?

I try avoiding too much files (be them images, PDFs, shortcuts) on my Desktop.  I usually run all commands from the menu that I can open with ALT+F2 on KDE so having shortcuts on my desktop make no sense…

But even with all the care I can dedicate to cleaning it, my desktop insists on being full of icons after a few days…  I have removed about 30 files from the desktop now: several PDFs I downloaded for reading, some images that I thought were funny, videoclips…

I have directories named “ToRead”, “Photos”, “Videos”, “Musics”, “Documents” and so on, but sometimes it looks like they aren’t enough.

So, how do you organize yourself and find what you need quickly?