Problems with KDE 4.1 on OpenSuSE 11

Same problems continue happening after many successive updates.

KMail — kde4-kmail-4.1.0-29.11 — is still crashing when moving (individually) several messages in a row.  It looks like something isn’t updated or some information from the IMAP server (Courier IMAP from an OpenSuSE 10.1 installation in my case) makes it crash.

If running Kontact, when KMail crashes it takes the whole Kontact with it.

I commute a lot from one network to another — at least four changes daily: home wireless net, work “dial up” on 3G, client wireless network, home wireless; plus some periods without any network at all — and Korganizer — kde4-korganizer-4.1.0-29.11 — isn’t smart enough to only try fetching my Google Calendar updates when I am connected to the Internet (just noticing a network other than would do it!), making me have to dismiss update errors every “X” minutes (the fetch interval).  It could use the flag from KMail, when I mark that I’m offline (this could be implemented in Kontact — kde4-kontact-4.1.0-29.11 –, for example, and shared by all of its components).

I don’t have the problem of “desktop” crashes as I did on KDE 4 with KDE 4.1.  This is a huge plus.

I had to “lock widgets” on my Desktop to prevent their position from being reset and having them superposed to each other after I shutdown the computer.  With them locked it looks like the system learnt that I want my plasmoids listing files at the place where they are and that I want my notes plasmoid right beside them.  I can live with that, since I don’t keep adding / removing widgets, but it is annoying to have to unlock the widgets first to them be able to add new ones.  Why can’t this lock just prevent widgets from being changed?  I mean, let me add them to the screen, but don’t allow me to delete, move or do anything with them after they are on the desktop (this would create a consistent behavior and would allow me to add new things).  The placement algorithm could also be “smarter” and try the best it can to prevent widgets from being one above the other.

My Kopete — kde4-kopete-4.1.0-15.13 — is getting stale when I try to close it.  And it is having problems to connect to networks…  The icon on the panel disappears, but the application screen doesn’t close and I have to “CTRL-ALT-ESC” and click on it to kill the application and make it disappear from the screen.  Reopenning it makes it work perfectly again.

If I remember something else, I’ll post again 🙂  And this time I remembered including version numbers, so that those posts can be contextualized and tracked more easily.

Firefox 3 on Linux – Why the ugly GTK look?

Why do people always think about Gnome / GTK when they do something for Linux?

C’mon…  I was talking to a friend and we both agreed that Mozilla gave Firefox 3 an impressive look on Windows and Mac OS, but made it as ugly as it could be on Linux.

Now, we have to search for some theme that make it as pleasant on the other OSs.

I believe that making Firefox an application by itself and giving it its own visual and make it the same on all OSs it supports would be much better.  A universal look makes users more comfortable, no matter what OS they are using…

Human stupidity…

… always surprises me.

We got the bill for the condominium rate and along with it a note saying that someone had been robbed here.

And I thought “Now they’ll keep the door closed!  Finally!”.  If I only knew how wrong I was…

It is incredible how people never thing about safety.  We have three doors or the car entrance until the front door of our apartment.  The gate from the car entrance stays open for too long: 3 or 4 cars can get in / out from its opening ’til it starts closing.

And out of the three doors, two are always open.

Safety?  I’m sorry, but none…  If I didn’t have a double lock on the door plus some safety items, I’d be worried.