Back at home

After a great trip to my in-law’s home, I am finally back at home.

This morning the people that were replacing part of the window and putting the safety locks came by and fixed everything.

I am still waiting for two more contractors to come home and do other small services today. I think that one of them will only come tomorrow (sixth sense…).

As our maid is not coming anymore, and as I am on vacation, I still have a lot to clean up today.

Unluckily I can not open the windows or glass doors for the next 24 hours. The silicon used to glue the locks on them asks for a 24h dry up period.

In any case, it is much better seeing the windows without the wood bars… We put them there when they tried getting into the house and only now we got the people to install the locks.

This afternoon we’ll have a barbecue (true Brazilian barbecue) with the meat from the cow that my father in law picked up to buy. We bought meat to pack both drawers from the freezer and got some more to my brother, who already came by yesterday.

It is much cheaper buying meat like that, and the quality of it is unbeatable.

In any case, out of the computer and back to home cleaning… 😛